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Structured Settlements

Don't Keep Suffering...

After a personal injury, you see a doctor for the pain and in some cases an attorney for a settlement. They receive their payments right away; why don't you? Don't keep suffering and waiting for your payout. Achieve your financial independence today.

Beat the 20 Year Itch...

You don't have to wait 20, 21 or 26 years for your complete financial happiness. Our qualified trained staff has been paving the way helping hundreds of clients achieve their immediate financial goals. Most lottery prizes cannot be assigned without a court order, so we handle all legal processes using our tried-and-true NEC techniques.

Time is Money...

Inflation, as we know, means "getting bigger". Financially, inflation means that the dollars we have today will be worth less in the future. The only way to counteract the rising rates of inflation is to invest wisely. If you are receiving a lottery prize, trust or insurance settlement, your structured payments are almost never increased to combat the rising rate of inflation. Your ability to fight inflation and keep the value of your payout has been taken away, gradually but steadily with the passing of time.

Consider this example, which illustrates how quickly inflation can undermine the value of your dollars... Let's say you received $500,000 over the last decade through a payout of $1250.00 per month. In 1999, your monthly payout would only be worth approximately $649.90!

We can provide a solid alternative to this problem. We can convert your structured payment income into a single payout, thus allowing you to invest or take care of immediate financial needs.



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